The application process is as follows:

  • Taxi Operator to obtain the TSA Application for Scrapping Incentive forms from the nearest TSA Main Centre, Mobile Service Units or the forms may be downloaded off the TSA website.
  • Taxi Operator to complete and lodge the TSA Application for Scrapping Incentive Form and required documents with the nearest TSA Main Centre or Mobile Service Unit in the province in which the operating licence was issued.
  • TSA will verify the information presented in TSA Application Form and required documents with NaTIS, OLAS and SAPS.
  • Provisionally approved applications will result in the Taxi Operator being notified to bring the OTV to the nearest TSA Main Centre for physical verification and handover for scrapping.
  • The OTV presented for inspection will be verified against the provisionally approved application documents.
  • OTVs that:

    • do not match the provisionally approved application documents, or
    • show evidence of tampering to any of the Vehicle Identification Marks, or
    • are not “operational” i.e. OTVs that are damaged beyond economic repair, or have any of its operating components missing, or
    • have arrear licence fees, fines or amounts outstanding on NaTIS will not be accepted for scrapping.
  • OTVs approved for scrapping will taken into custody by the TSA and an application for deregistration on NaTIS will be lodged with the Local Motor Vehicle Licencing Authority
  • Vehicles successfully deregistered on NaTIS will be physically scrapped and applicant will be notified of payment within 3 working days.
National Land Transport Transition Act