The National Department of Transport has undertaken the challenging task of proposing and implementing changes to the Taxi Industry. These changes seek to ensure passenger safety and enhance operator’s fiscal discipline through regulation. The National Department of Transport has mandated The Taxi Scrapping Administrator to implement and administer the vehicle scrapping process. The objectives are to create a legal and formalised industry with significant potential to advance Black Economic Empowerment.

As the Taxi Scrapping Administrator (TSA), we are well positioned to provide the National Department of Transport with the viable methods of scrapping in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Who is the TSA?

  • The TSA is Siyazi consortium comprising of:

    • Siyazi Holdings
    • Neo Solutions
    • Tirhani Auctioneers
Role of the TSA

  • Administrate the taxi scrapping process
  • Facilitate payment of the scrapping allowance
  • Physical scrapping of old & un-roadworthy minibus taxis
  • Work in conjunction with the National Department of Transport & taxi Industry in addressing the current industry challenges

TSA Approach

We are committed to providing the industry with efficient services which include:

  • National and provincial footprint
  • Mobile Service Units
  • IT systems that integrate with:

    • NaTIS
    • OLAS / RAS
    • SAPS
  • Portable and mobile scrapping solutions
  • Efficient balance between people and technology
  • Inclusion of taxi industry stakeholders
  • Marketing and communications strategy
National Land Transport Transition Act